Using eMail on the iPads

Using eMail on the iPads is a VERY different way to communicate than how people communicate using text messages.

Writing an eMail is like writing a letter we would post in the mail, it is just much faster becasue we can send it across the Internet and have it delivered in seconds.

Putting the whole message in the Subject line is considered REALLY rude!

Parts of an email.

Subject:  This is a short 1 to 6 word TITLE and tells what the message is about.

To:  This is who you are sending the message to.
Cc: This is who you want to have a copy of the message.

Message: Where you type what you want to say to the other person, or people. It should start with a greeting (Hi Mum,)

Signature: How you finish your email, usually just your name, but could have your school or a business name too.

eMail Replying

When you receive an email and you want to write back you should send a Reply.

This will keep your message with the first message so that the ‘conversation’ or ‘thread’ is easy to follow.

On the ipad the Reply button is the Blue arrow on the bottom right. (see pic) Tap that to start.

Then it will pop up a panel with options for you to choose from. We want to choose Reply.

When you tap that it will open a new email with the first message pushed down 5 lines, so you can write your Reply above that.

You can then type in your message back to the sender.

Remember to use a greeting and if your signature is set up it will add your own name at the end.

Being able to use eMail to communicate is a valuable skill and is one that shows you have great language and awesome manners.